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Thread: Very non-PIC - Prototype panel labeling
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Sure, what you need is an instant drying pen like those used by
photographers to write on the front of photo's.  You can always check
a photo store, but I have been using a common office waterproof pen
lately with great results on all surfaces.  Try the Staedler LumoColor
AV permanent pens.  These are designed for overhead projectors.  There
are similar non-permanent pens available from Staedler, so be sure you
get the right ones.  The giveaway is the words "Permanent" and
"Waterproof" and the Staedler number 313.  I usually use the S size,
but you can get them in several tip sizes.  Start with the S though, I
think it is your best bet.  My local Office Depot and Grand & Toy
stores carry them individually and in packs of four colours (black,
red, blue and green).

Incidentally, I suspect this pen would make a good etchant resist too
for those interested in plotting PCB pattern directly to copper.

Good luck - Martin.

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