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Thread: Duplicates, anyone? [OT]
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> >Are any of the rest of you getting a hi number of dupes from this
> >list?  Not all of them, just enough to wonder about.
>     Ya, I've been noticing it as well, some messages are just there twice.

These can usually be attributed to a mail sessage being interrupted
by a network failure at the crucial moment at completion.  The sending
server sends the last packet of data and it gets to the receiver that
accepts the mail and sends back the final ACK.  The mail gets sent
on its way but if the ACK does not get to the sending server it will
retry to send the message again in a bit.  There are some other
checks to avoid this but with lots of messages and busy networks
the special cases that can avoid the checks do occur.

It is concervative so when in doubt, send it again.

You can check which two servers had the problem by looking at the
mail headers carefully.

Sometimes though it is the user that sends the mail twice due
to a broken mail connection where it does not get cleared from
the mail client OUTTRAY.

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