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Thread: Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays [OT]
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On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Martin R. Green wrote:

> As far as lightbulbs go, they are not really affected by flicker because
> the hot filaments have a very long persistence.
PTM: Try this first. Take a Oskilloskope and a LDR. Speak after that.
I Tried myself with pulps with various wattage, with series resistors,
with series diodes and TRIACS.

Fluorescent lights,
> however, do pulsate in time with the AC frequency.  This is why those
> strobe rings on  LP turntables don't work with incandescent light.  You
> need fluorescent or neon illumination to set the turntable speed with this
> method.

PTM: Try first, speak after that.

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