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Thread: LCD "busy" signal
face BY : anickTakeThisOuT@RemoveMEiversoft.com

Well I am using the Optrex 16117A 16x1 LCD.
I could not get it to work at all with the 4-bit mode described in the
data book. So I am using a 74HCT164E Serial Shift register to drive the
thing with ah 16C57 with only 7 I/O lines, I'm sure I could use less,
but I have not tried it. Anyway I connected one of the I/O line to the
ouput of the Bit-7 register for the "BUSY" flag from the LCD. I also
found that the software was much simpler this way. Of course I cannot
read any of the LCD data, but I dont need to for my application.

Alan Nickerson
<34206C4C.2D879D3A@iversoft.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/lcds.htm?key=lcd
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