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Thread: Power supply connector
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       Really out of topic, but need help ! :-\

I'm looking for a plug connector used in a telecom device manufactured in
the US. The device is a SMART-1 "Programmable Communications Controller"
manufactured by MITEL for TELESOURCE.

It uses an external wall-powersupply transformer which has this rare
connector. This is similar to the one used in standard PCs power supply
having 3 ways but smaller. Excuse my ASCII art, but the profile is like this:

               | O       O |  Height is 10mm
               |     O     |

Any idea or pointer to were to buy some of this (about 100pcs) ?

I'm afraid that this is a custom made connector !

Thank you

Luis Fernandez Cormenzana
RadioBit Sistemas, S.L.
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       Patrol presence controllers

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