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Thread: POV - was Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays [OT]
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Subject: POV - was Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays [OT]

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   Same here, some microwaves aren't great either.

>> I have heard of people that get headaches watching commercial movies
>> because the 1/24th of a second frame rate flickers dramatically to
>> them.
>Um, maybe, I don't go often.  I recall sitting thru the entire
>StarWars trilogy (when it was first released) - it wasn't my head
>that ached - bit lower.

   I don't really notice it much in movies, except when there is panning
going on, then it is REALLY bad.

>What scan rate do you run your monitor at? (vertical) - Mine's going
>nicely at 85 - thats nice to look at straight on.

   My monitor only runs at 60, I guess I am one of the lucky ones that
notices it, but it doesn't effect me much, I often am infront of this screen
most of the day. TTYL
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Subject (change) POV - was Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays [OT]

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