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Thread: Barcode and the PIC [OT]
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On 15 Sep 97 at 0:55, Walter Banks wrote:
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Indeed.  I wrote a decoder in basic on a z80 platform (CPM and a very
early MS Basic interpreter).  The easiest way is to sample the
photo-transistor return and store it into array, then got thru it
afterwords.  This has the advantage of allowing you to check for
differing bar-code standards. (and the disadvantage that you need a
fair bit of ram, and a start sampling indication)

> One assumption that is useful is to remember the
> fastest measured speed of a hand held wand was
> 42in/sec  (~1m/sec)

Reminds me of a fun party trick of mine (when I had a barcode
reader),  I'd take a 3mm permanent marker and draw barcodes by hand -
then scan them to prove their accuracy.  Trick is to remember to draw
them BIG.  Fairly easy for 3 of 9.  I wouldn't try EAN/UPC though.

Wonder why checkout operators in supermarkets seem to think that
scanning a rejected package faster will make it scan better?  This
applies to the EFTPOS magstripe readers too.  They give it a fast
swipe - it doesn't work - then swipe it at the speed of sound and
seem surprised when it still doesn't work.
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