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Thread: Plotting PCB resist patterns directly on copper
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Recently several people were discussing how to use a flatbed plotter to
place etch resist patterns directly on PCB copper.  I commented that I'd
seen a good article recently and I'd look it up.  Well, here it is:

  Electronics World, July 1997

This article discusses several methods for getting a resist pattern onto
the copper, and concludes that the best results are with a converted
plotter.  It also discusses various types of inks that have been tried, and
show good colour photos of the results with each.

If anyone can't find the magazine at their local library, or is just plain
too lazy, I have scanned the article into 5 GIF's and 1 JPG (for the colour
photo page), and would be happy to email it to any interested parties.  The
scans are 200 DPI and  total about 8-900K.

Let me know if you have any special needs, otherwise I'll send them MIME
format, six separate attachments.

CIAO - Martin R. Green

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