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The DC+/S+ and DC-/S- are the output of each supply (very likely the two
sections are completely isolated from each other).  The S terminals are
provided for remote sensing (a technique to compensate for voltage drop
in long wires from the supply to the load).  Ordinarily leave them
jumpered.  The RP terminal is likely "Remote Program", for setting the
output voltage with an external resistor or network.  Since the front
panel control apparently works just use it and leave "RP" open.  I don't
know what PO an AT would be  (Maybe "Power On" and "Attention?") but you
probably don't need them either.

>Does anyone know how to configure the back to send the juice to the

Maybe "PO" is "Panel Out" connected to the front panel + terminal (either
AT or GND would be the minus terminal then).  This could be checked with
an ohmmeter.  Measure the voltage at the DC/S terminal pairs, it should
correspond to the meter reading.  You could just run wires around from
the back terminals to power your circuit.  If you really want to use the
front terminals you may need to take the cover off (hopefully I'm not
insulting your intelligence by suggesting pulling the plug first) and try
to trace the wires from them.  There may be jumpers inside that
disconnect the front panel ouptuts for example if the supply is used in a
rack system.

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