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Thread: help with supply
picon face BY : Rick Trostel email (remove spam text)

I picked up a LAMBDA  dual regulated power supply at a yard sale today.
I thought it would be perfect for PIC projects.

On the back of the unit there is two terminal strips with 8 terminals in each

on the left side, it's marked from 1 to 8 from bottom to top.
on the right side it's marked from 9 to 16 from bottom to top.

something like this:
8  PO                   16  PO
7  S+                    15  S+
6  DC+                  14  DC+
5  RP                    13  RP
4  DC-                   12  DC-
3  -S                     11  S-
2  AT                    10
1  GND                  9

There are jumpers on pins :

On the front there is terminals for V+ , Gnd,  V-
and knobs for adjusting Volts and Current limiting, and a readout for both

You can turn the voltage up and down on the display but I can't get anything
out of the front terminals.

Does anyone know how to configure the back to send the juice to the front

Thanks ------------ Rich

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