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Thread: Plot on Copper
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One of the electronics magazines I read covered this process (using a
modified flatbed plotter to apply resist directly to PCB's) in detail a few
months ago.  They compared various types of pens, and showed excellent
photographs of the results with each (which were disappointing for all but
one type).  It looked like a really useful technique, if you had access to
an old plotter.

I don't remember which mag it was, but I'll look it up and post the
reference in the next few days.  And if some of you beg _really_ nicely, I
might be persuaded to scan the article and email it to anyone who request

BTW, if anyone knows of a good (cheap) source for a used plotter for this
purpose, please reply directly to me.

CIAO - Martin R. Green

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I thought about doing this several years ago and called the manufacturer of
my plotter (Graphtec) and they put me in contact with someone who was doing
that with black India drafting ink. I never tried it. Has anybody elde
tried that? It's cheap and readily available at any drawing supply or
office supply store and can be put in any refillable plotter pen.

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