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Thread: Is Wordpad or Notepad ASCII compatible?
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On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Mike Smith wrote:

> WordPad is slow, and tends to write files out in complex formats
> unless you keep your eye on it.  Notepad is adequate - barely.
> I use a shareware (registered!!) program called TextPad, by Helios
> Software - its designed for programming, and you can set it up to
> default to whatever coding styles you like.  (auto indent, tabs, file
> extension names, etc) Does good searches too - if you've got a group
> of .c and .h files, and want to find (and/or replace) occurrences of
> "word" it'll search files in dirs and subdirs.

       Why doesn't anyone else seem to use good 'ole emacs? I use it for
programming (mostly C for unix boxes), and it works fine. I know there is
a DOS variant, and there's prob. a windows variant by now (wouldn't know
-- I'm a Linux boy). It's also free.


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