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Thread: [OT] Is Wordpad or Notepad ASCII compatible?
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While just about any wordprocessor or text editor can be used to write code.  I
use a freeware program called PFE, programmer's file editor.  This program has
alot of useful features.

   1.  Line numbers can be turned on or off.
   2.  Command lines can be run from within the editor and the output screens
can be captured.
   3.  The program allow multiple files to be open in separate windows.
   4.  The program also has a macro recorder to allow you the automate its

I use this program to write alot of Zilog code.  My Zilog compiler is DOS based
and it is a pain to keep having to drop into DOS to run a compile.  By using the
command line feature, I can execute the compiler and capture the results to a
window.  The I can view both the compiler output results and the code at the
same time.


The above link will get you to the files needed.  Win3.1, WIN95 and WIN NT are

----- Steve
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