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Thread: SMT soldering
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>Martin interjected thqat:
>  Tjaart van der Walt writes:
> >desk. Gasp and run to open all the windows (PCB's are generally not made
> >to smell good at high temperatures.)
>         If you have a smoke alarm in the room, find another place.
>         I set
> ours off doing that to a conventional board with a paint stripper
> gun.  A respirator that keeps the smoke directly out of your face is
> probably a good thing to use, also.  That vapor can't possibly do
> any good for one's lungs and liver.

Solder smoke has definitely been linked to occupational asthma.  Do
not breathe it if you can help it.  Install a little fan on your
bench to keep it out of your face, get one of those air cleaners for
your bench.  Whatever you do, don't end up like me, puffing away on
inhalers for the rest of your days.

Best Regards,

Lawrence Lile

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