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At 08:39 AM 9/11/97 +1000, you wrote:
>> 'S ok.  I don't need to handle near that much power.  I'm looking for
>> something that will run a motor that uses 200 milliamps at 24
>> volts.  I'm trying to avoid building a discrete H bridge cuz
>> SOMEBODY has done this before and put it obn a chip.
>> -
>> Best Regards,
>> Lawrence Lile
>Circiut Cellar Ink #83 June 1997 Page 74. Jeff Bachiochi uses an LM18293 from
> National. There is a circuit diagram as well.
>Cliff Rogers   (Computer Technician)  email  EraseMEcliffrogersspamBeGonespamRemoveMEusa.net
>Absolute Computers Pty. Ltd. Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
I'm in the same situation, only I have just 6 volts to work with. Don't
use the LM18293 in any new design. I just visited their web site and the
part is listed as "lifetime buy", which means to me that they don't make
them any more. In my case, it also wastes too much power. It drops up to
1.8 volts on the high side (at 1 amp), but it since it uses bipolar
transistors, it won't be much less at lower currents. I'm looking at a 3
phase MOSFET brushless motor driver from Fairchild, but it costs more than
I want to pay in production quantities. I can't seen to find a 2 phase
(h-bridge) version. I'm also looking at some HEXFET arrays from
International Rectifier.

If someone knows of a low drop (Rds) MOSFET h-bridge, please let me know.

Best regards,

Andy Morris

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/motors.htm?key=motor
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