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Thread: Cheap Motor drivers [OT]
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>'S ok.  I don't need to handle near that much power.  I'm looking for
>something that will run a motor that uses 200 milliamps at 24
>volts.  I'm trying to avoid building a discrete H bridge cuz
>SOMEBODY has done this before and put it obn a chip.

If you're getting the 24V from a line-frequency transformer, connect the
motor to the transformer secondary through a triac.  Trigger the triac on
positive half-cycles to make the motor go forward, on negative
half-cycles to make it go backward.  Saves having to rectify the AC in
the first place.  It doesn't get much cheaper than this, should also be
rather durable.  The motor only gets half-cycles of power so it should be
one built for a lower voltage if you need rated speed and torque from it.

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/motors.htm?key=motor
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