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>I just designed a circuit for a 12V/6A trolling motor. Do you have
>TinyCAD? If not, I'll send you both TinyCAD and the schematic. I had
>a problem with blowing one leg of the H brdge until I substituted
>MOSFETS. The total price was roughly $20 - $10 of it in heatsinks
>and you can breadboard it first. It uses a 555 time to PWM a 5
>MOSFET bridge. It works fine.

'S ok.  I don't need to handle near that much power.  I'm looking for
something that will run a motor that uses 200 milliamps at 24
volts.  I'm trying to avoid building a discrete H bridge cuz
SOMEBODY has done this before and put it obn a chip.

Best Regards,

Lawrence Lile

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