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Thread: 7 Segment LED
face BY : Randie Ohtsji [4555] email (remove spam text)

The TIL311 is a hex display, with a driver circuit able to accept 4 bit
binary data.  Data can be latched.

Pin 1   LED supply voltage (+5V)
Pin 2   Latch data input B (Weight = 2)
Pin 3   Latch data input A (Weight = 1)
Pin 4   Left decimal point cathode (you need a series resistor to
       limit current)
Pin 5   Latch strobe input (High = inputs latched, Low = follow input data)
Pin 7   Common Ground
Pin 8   Blanking input (High = blank display.  You can pulse this input for
       LED intensity control)
Pin 10  Right decimal point cathode (you need a series resistor to limit
Pin 12  Latch data input D (Weight = 8)
Pin 13  Latch data input C (Weight = 4)
Pin 14  Logic supply voltage,Vcc (+5V)

Hope this helps,

-Randie Ohtsji

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