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Thread: Cheap Motor drivers [OT]
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I'm looking for a cheap half bridge driver, perhaps a MOSFET driver,
that will take a 5 volt input signal and drive a 24 volt motor both

I discovered the Telcom semiconductor TLC4427 in an old Nuts and
Volts article, and it looked like just what I needed.  Hook up
ground, two 5 volt signals, and a higher voltage (up to 22 volts, it
sez here) and you have two pins able to drive a small DC motor.

Not so fast.  At 18 volts, the H-bridge shorts out and renders the IC
into a small 8-pin paperwieght.  Even with a 13 volt power supply
with a lot of ripple, these things last a few seconds before they
blow, with no load.  I think they are worthless at anything over 6

What do you PICsters use to drive relays and small DC motors?

Best Regards,

Lawrence Lile

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/motors.htm?key=motor
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