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Thread: 7 Segment LED
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Correction, when I reread the original post, I realized that I had spouted
crap, sorry.  The TIL311 was a single digit, 7 segment device as you
stated, but it did in fact have an on-chip BCD to 7seg decoder/latch.

As I said, I will try to find the specs on this for you.

Martin R. Green

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If I remember correctly (and I might not) the TIL311 is a smart LED, with a
4 character addressable latch.  I think these devices were actually 15
segment devices, allowing display of the complete ASCII set.  The logic
circuits are 5V TTL.  I will check at home to see if I still have info on
these useful, but way expensive devices.

CIAO - Martin R. Green

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> +ve through resistor to pin and probe for cathode.
> Common cathode, gnd connected to cathode - lots of segments light up in
> (bingo) start writing down pin allocations.
> Common anode, gnd connected to anode - no segments light up. Connect +ve
> through resistor to pin and start writing down segmemnts.
> Common anode, gnd connected to segment - only one segment lights up.
> +ve to pin which lights segments and start writing down pin allocations.
> There may be some pins which are not connected, or which are bridged
> together. If you have a meter in series with the 3V supply it's easy to
{Quote hidden}

Hi there..again

In response..
That was the first thing I tried and all I managed to locate was the
This 7seg has a small chip in it that appears to do some decoding as
each segment actually consists of four individual LED's as such:

+--\/----\/--+   +------------+
|            | 14|0          0|1
|  o o o o   |   |            |
|  o     o   | 13|0          0|2
|  o     o   |   |      T     |
|  o o o o   | 12|0     I    0|3
|  o     o   |   |      L     |
|  o     o   |   |      3    0|4
|o o o o o o |   |      1     |
|            | 10|0     1    0|5
|   +---+    |   |            |
|   |IC |    |   |            |
|   |   |    |   |            |
|   +---+    |  8|0          0|7
+-----/\-----+   +------------+

Maybe this will shed some light on the problem.
Thanks anyway.
Jacques Vrey
Iscor Steel Profile Products
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)3431 48759

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