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Further, that crippling s/w more than having a 'use by' date on it,
is self-defeating for the author, in that it prevents the user from
trying out the code.  An instance - A piece of software called CAMCAD
is available for read/modify/write of differing formats of say pcb
artwork.  However, it is crippled to the extent where - you can't
edit - you can only read a limited number of formats - you can't
export as a different format.  As shareware this is useless - I don't
know if it will let me move a file from one format to another then
into another piece of s/w.  All I know about it is that its screen
redraw speed is slow with a complex board (with a fast video system)
- something that does not impel me to register it.  If I could try
its other features I might not be swayed by thee speed, and I might
possibly register it - but not as it is.  So they have lost a sale.
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