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Thread: metaphysical wanderings
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On  9 Sep 97 at 1:49, Eric Smith wrote:

> Andrew G Williams <spamAGW01KILLspamspamAOL.COM> wrote:
> > Just read the Penrose books.
> Brief summary of Penrose's position (with which I strongly
> disagree):

Must check out the local library.

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Aren't scientist developing a so called 'quantum effect' computer,

> As near as I can tell, Penrose believes quantum uncertaintly is
> necessary to intelligence because:
>         all known naturally-occuring forms of inteligence involve
>         quantum uncertainty

Thats like saying - "All life is based on the carbon atom, therefore
life based on other atoms is not possible"
(impossible to prove a negative, isn't it?)

>         we've never developed intelligent computers (circular
>         reasoning)

Kasparov was sounding rather hysterical on the subject.
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