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Thread: Re: Turning back the clock
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Andrew G Williams <TakeThisOuTAGW01.....spamAOL.COM> wrote:
> In what way is changing the settings of my own system clock unethical?
> I'm not altering a single byte of program code.

The following comments assume the abscence of a license agreement:

The mere act of setting the clock of your computer back is not illegal, and
probably everyone would agree that it is not unethical.

It is well-established legally (at least in the US) that the consumer has the
right to make any desired alterations to purchased products.  This includes
patching object code.  It has even been found that any interim copies which are
made solely as a necessary step in the alteration are covered as fair use.

I would argue that patching per se is not unethical.

However, I personally consider it to be unethical to either set back the clock
or to patch out the checking in order to circumvent the author's intended
restrictions on a trial version of a software package.

IMHO, if the software is worth using, it is worth buying.


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