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Thread: ATMEL Prommer (fwd) http:// locations
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>> solutions have been there for some time already!
>> BlowIt2051: simplest homebrew programmer for 89C2051: 2 transistors into LPT
>> port,
>> BA1FB:      simplest homebrew programmer for AVR: wires only to LPT port.
>Where do you find these solutions?

BlowIt2051 from our download page

I think support for it is also built in BascomLT basic compiler for 89C2051
supported now also by PIP04 software ftp://sistudio.com/pub/atmel

BA1FB link can be found from our AVR page
more info about DIY AVR programmer on programmer support page at


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http://avrbasic.com    Free AVR Basic Compiler Demo Edition

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=locations
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