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Thread: RS232
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On Mon, 8 Sep 1997 15:18:25 +0200 David BALDWIN <STOPspamdbRemoveMEspam.....SDM.BEL.ALCATEL.BE>

>        Yes, but I have to change the baud rate. I will try with MODE
>evening. My problem is my plotter, it only has 40 word fifo, and the
>upload soft has to stop when it tells STOP, not a word after, or it
>be lost. That's the key of the problem :(

Engage the "hardware flow control" at both ends.  In Winodws 95, go
through Control Panel - System - Device Manager - Ports (COM and LPT) -
Communications Port (COMx) - Port Settings, then pull down the flow
control box and select Hardware.  If the plotter protocol is ASCII text,
which could be determined by looking at the file, then "Send Text File"
from a terminal program should work.

The DOS com drivers used to always use and require hardware flow control.
For a slow device like a plotter, use a ,P option in the mode setting.
This gives extra timeout time.

The cable needs to have the flow control connections wired.  A "3-wire"
cable having only send, receive, and ground won't work.  The important
wire is RTS (plotter) - CTS (PC) which is pin 5 of a 25-pin connector if
the plotter is wired as DCE.  When this signal is inactive, the PC will
stop sending.  The plotter will likely drive it without any special setup
but you may need to reconfigure it.  One of those monitor boxes with a
LED connected to each signal is useful in situations like this.

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/serials.htm?key=rs232
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