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Thread: SMT soldering
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Andrew Russell Morris wrote:
> One question: If I end up having to solder parts onto both sides of the
> board, how do I keep the ones on the bottom from falling off? Are all SMT
> parts the same height, so that the oven tray will hold them in place until
> they cool off? Any suggestions are welcome.

You'll need to support the pcb along the edges so that the bottom of
the pcb is not in contact with a tray, etc. The surface tension of the
solder paste will hold the components on the bottom side of the pcb,
unless thet are very heavy. In that case it will be necessary to use
component glue for those parts. Hint, put all the large components on
the top side of the pcb.

When using a toaster oven, ensure that the temperature of the oven is less
than 80 degs C, before placing the pcb in. Then, turn on the oven, with the
temperature of the controller set to, say 209 degs C. When the temp is
reached, the controller will switch off the heating element. Open the door
and let is cool for a while before removing.

Note: the toaster should be a "Fan Forced" one so that the temperature is
consistent throughout the oven.

I hope this helps.

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