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Thread: Right [OT], Keyboards, was: Donations for mIGUEL'S keyboard
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On  7 Sep 97 at 17:15, Lee Jones wrote:

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Ok what you're saying is it should be a logical OR that gives CAPS,
but only the shifts should give you !@#$% etc.  What I find annoying
(I'm NOT a touch typist) is when I flick the caps lock on
accidentally AND FIND i'VE TYPED A SENTENCE mIGUEL STYLE and have to
erase it!!  To prevent this scenario, I've prised the caps lock
keytop off.  You can still press it, but its harder to do
Someone must have written a fixed kbd.sys or whatever - I'm 1/2
surprised that the feature isn't settable in the control panel -
every other bloody thing is.  It probably is a bit setting in the
registry, to think of it - anyone got the compleat book of the
registry, or whatever?
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Subject (change) Right [OT], Keyboards, was: Donations for mIGUEL'S keyboard

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