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Thread: SMT soldering
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Mike Keitz wrote:
> Removal of ICs is difficult.  Start by using solder braid to remove as
> much solder as possible.  If the IC is under 20 pins it may be possible
> to use two soldering irons and braid to distribute the heat to melt all
> the pins free at once.  If not, heat each pin and use a dental pick or
> large sewing needle to bend it slightly so it is clear of the board.
> When the part is off, clean the remaining little bumps of solder off the
> pads.

Good advice Mike! I actually enjoyed reading a rather long mail!

I once spoke to a guy who had to desolder and solder smt componenets
without the special equipment for the componenets. Apparently you get a
soldering iron tip that fit over an ic, ie one for 20, 40 pin etc.
Only very expensive....

He ended up using a scalpel to lift the IC's from their pads. It sounded
like it worked pretty good.

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