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Thread: SMT soldering
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I like [OT} discussions on the piclist, if they are things that other
PIC'ers would find interesting and don't become excessive. I get a lot of
valuable information that way. I don't have time to subscribe to other
lists. I am currently working on a project for a client which is my first
PIC project and I'm doing well with it. I think an [OT] discussion on the
piclist helped me solve a problem that is indirectly related to PIC's. My
project is currently in a breadboard state, wired with through-hole parts
on perfboard. The pre-production prototypes and the production units will
be SMT (Surface Mount Technology). I wondered how I would solder those tiny
parts onto the circuit board as that would be very difficult for me.
Through reading an [OT] thread on the piclist, I plan, when I get that far,
to buy a toaster oven, a temperature controller and a syringe of solder

One question: If I end up having to solder parts onto both sides of the
board, how do I keep the ones on the bottom from falling off? Are all SMT
parts the same height, so that the oven tray will hold them in place until
they cool off? Any suggestions are welcome.

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/pcbs.htm?key=smt
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