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Thread: Donations for mIGUEL'S keyboard
face BY : Lee Jones email (remove spam text)

> If everone on the list donates a small ammount we can send
> [Miguel] a large box of functional keyboards.

According to the PC standard, his keyboard _is_ functional.

The keyboard has a latching "caps lock" key.  And it has a
non-latching "up shift" key.  When neither is down, letters
are entered in lower case.  When either is down, letters are
in upper case.

On a type writer or a real computer, it's a logical OR
function.  When both are down (shift lock OR up shift
OR both), letter keys generate capitols.  This is what
people expect.

On the PC, it's a logical XOR function.  When both are
down (caps lock AND up shift), pressing a letter key
gets you a lower case letter.  I have always considered
this a bug (not a feature) in the PC keyboard driver.

                                               Lee Jones

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