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Thread: HPGL translator/converter -Reply
face BY : Chee Foon Tiang email (remove spam text)

Not really the solution.... but you can use the HP7475 printer driver to
generate hpgl/1.

I was looking for hpgl/2 to hpgl/1 translator some while ago for our
legacy Versatec 32" plotter but did'nt find any.
But finally found the solution in a PostScript level 1 to hpgl/1 translator.

Peter Tiang


>>> David BALDWIN <dbspamSDM.BEL.ALCATEL.BE> 3/September/1997 03:57pm >>>
Highly out of topic!


       I am looking for hpgl/2 to hpgl/1 translator. Anybody heard about it?

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=hpgl+translatorconverter
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