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Thread: Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !
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You have looked at our application Notes? have you??

Complete mini application using full-duplex background software UART at
9600/19200 Baud occupies 69 Words.

The amount of Virtual UART code is ~ 60 words. As some of the code is
co-shared (ie initialization that would have been used anyway) then the
actual code amount of the virtual full duplex UART is ~58 Words, still
a bit more than 1/10th, but but not 1/3 rd.
and there is still plenty of time in ISR to add more virtual hardware:

First 8 bit PWM channel: 6 Words additional
next PWM channel         4 Words additional code.

>It's nice to have the option, of course.  But for my project I have to wait
>for the AT90S2313 (1024 code words + UART + 20 MIPS).

Oh, yes we all are waiting for it.

Still at 1.80USD price I think AT90S1200 is pretty much OK with the
price/performance ratio. And there are lotsa applications possible.


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