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Thread: Low power issues.
picon face BY : Steve Smith email (remove spam text)

My 2p's worth on low power.
Dont know if it will work but it seems like it might.
Use a 4060 with a RC osc for a long period count and cause the last output to
drive down the osc in pin on the PIC. The reset pin on the 4060 could then be
controled by the PIC to stop it turning off until processing is finished.
Finaly after processing release reset pin on the 4060 to cause an instant osc
stop. The 4060 could be daisy chained if the period was too short. Look at a
4536 in the same mode of opperation this needs a pulse to start it and very
long periods can be timed using it. Beware of manufacturing tolerances on
this device as it can lead to wide timing devations across different chip
manufactures. I have used a 100Nf 1% and 1M0 to give 24 hours on this timer
chip but differences between Motorala and Harris give vast timing
differences. I havent looked up the consumption of the 4536 so the benifits
of turning off the PIC may be outweighed by the consumption of the 4536

It mist be possable cause my 1.99 watch from local petrol station has now
been working for 3 years on the same single battery........

Bye Steve.....

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=power
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