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Thread: PIC & LCD
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Hello Guys

I have a little problem, it is not the normal stuff for this mailing list
i'll try
to keep it as short as possible I have two very nice LCD's in my
possession, one 2
x 32 characters and one 4 x 32 characters. I'm designing an audio control
center and i want to use one of these two LCD's. Preferable the 4 x 32
characters. I'm using a PIC 16C62 to control the audio center. I'm first my
gathering al the datasheets of the components i'm using. But i don't have
the datasheets of the LCD's. I can't remember where i got the LCD's from
and there is no manufactures name on them. On the back of the 4 x 32 LCD
there are two numbers: M3214 and F1632 separated by a slash (/). I don't
now if this rings a bell with any of you ???

The only thing i know for sure is that both the LCD's use the same
controller or better said controllers. the 4 x 32 has 8 of them and the 2 x
32 has 4 of them. The Controller i'm talking about is the D7227G from NEC
in Japan. From the number of controllers on the LCD's and the shape of the
characters i conclude that it is a 16 character controller consisting of 16
x 5  kolom drivers and 8 row drivers (7 for the characters and one to
underline the characters).

Does anyone reconize these LCD's ? Do you know the processor ? I'm
interested in character tables, datasheets, end so on. Any help would be
much appriciated. I have tried it with NEC in Japan but like all other
japanese manufactures they don't reply to your questions if your not a bulk

I hope someone can help me otherwise i'll be forced to buy new LCD's and in
that size there not cheap !!!!

Greetings Eric Martens

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