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Thread: Elektor CD-ROM
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It is a pitty that elektuur doesn't release their source codes. It always
forces you to buy the component and thus pay more because it has to be
programmed. Especialy when you have all the nessecary equipment at home.
But on the other hand i can understand it, they want to make money out of
it !!!! And who could blame them, they put in a lot off hours to develop
and test their designs. But for the more professional hobbier there is no
fun in just building, they want to design and re-design and with no source
codes that is virtualy impossible (or to time intesive).

Greetings Eric Martens

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> Subject: Elektor CD-ROM
> Date: zaterdag 24 mei 1997 20:34
> I received the Elektuur/Elektor CD-ROM recently and looked it over. As
> already been said on the piclist, Elektor aparently does not make their
> source code available. The CD-ROM contains quite a few projects that were
> entries into a design contest they had. They are written in the language
> their original submittal along with watever information (including source
> code for some of them) that was provided by the author. These projects
> certainly worth purchasing the CD-ROM, but are not projects developed by
> Elektuur/Elektor.
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