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Thread: sorry Re: [PICS] Fw: Virus Warning
face BY : Eric Martens email (remove spam text)

Sorry guys (and girls !?!) They fooled me and i bought it, sorry. I should
have read it better and i should know better.

Greetings Eric Martens.

> From: Eric Martens <spamemarspamspamBeGoneknoware.nl>
> To: .....picsspamBeGonespamRemoveMEparallaxinc.com
> Subject: [PICS] Fw: Virus Warning
> Date: vrijdag 23 mei 1997 14:39
> I received this email from a friend on another mailing list. Read it
> carefully it can save you alot of trouble.
> For those who can't read german there's a english translation at the end
> the mail.
> Greetings Eric Martens
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Subject (change) sorry Re: [PICS] Fw: Virus Warning

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