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Thread: Computer Syntax (was Re: Quoting URLs in postings )
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       If I am quoting a UNIX command or giving a Email address which
happens to end up at the end of a sentence, I put a space between the end of
the command and a period.  This isn't exactly by the rules, but it should
get the idea across.  Example follows:

       Tired of those ads on the list?  Well, telnet to cyberpromo.com .
Somehow, get the root password.  Log in as root and type  rm -r * .  This
should clear up the interference for a while.  Don't forget to go to
Washington, D.C. and collect your Metal of Honor while you pose for the
statue of you that will surely be erected in a prominent place.

Martin McCormick

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=quoting+urls+postings
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Subject (change) Computer Syntax (was Re: Quoting URLs in postings )

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