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I just purchased SuperPCB and am about to install it. Have you heard
 about it. Either good or bad.

Troy Powledge
TCo. Systems
I use both SuperPCB and SuperCad.  I am happy.  Library parts are easy to
create (once you figure it out).  I have found a few quirks but you won't
find any of the big packages that don't have some bugs.  They have been very
responsive to my gripes and they even sent me a fix via Email.  I got the Pro
package which has everything except the circuit simulator.  I do mostly
digital CPU type stuff.  Simulators don't work too well for micro processors.

out of 5 stars I would give it 3 1/2.
It is a perfect package for low end to moderate use.  I have made six layer
boards with out any problem.  The gerber file generation all seems to work
OK. My final films come out great.

Hope this reasures you
Dave Duley
V.P. DreiTek Inc.

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