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<< Hi all,

Wonder if someone can help me. Im in the middle of trying to write a
small program, but I cant figure out why I keep getting a error from
MPASM on the following line.

newlin  MOVLW   c0h

This keeps on giving the following on compiling:

Error   LCD_PHIL.ASM 289 : Undefined argument (c0h)

Yet, the following line seems to compile OK:

      MOVLW   02h

To me, it would seem that it is not accepting c0h as a Hex number to
load into W. If that is the case then why. Else, what am I doing wrong ?

Philip Martin   email KILLspamphilipspamphilmart.demon.co.uk
Royal Quays, North Shields

Try 0C0H
Some hex numbers need a leading zero for the assembler to properly identify
it as a hex number.  Personally I like Motorolla's "$" indicator your number
would be $C0.  Easier to parse.

Dave Duley

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