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Thread: Application controlled reset ???
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>I am writing code to use the PIC chip as a classic embedded controller.
>One of the commands I would like to implement is a remote reset.  This
>would allow the controlling system to issue a command that would tell the
>PIC to restart and re initialize itself.
>Is there an easy way to reset the PIC processor from a running application
>The PIC in this particular endeavor is a 16C73A...

you could just fall into loop and wait for Watchdog reset to happen.
(you must have Watchdog enabled)

there is no direct commands to implement reset in software.

Now for my 2 cents worth.
One way that I have implemented this sort of thing is to use the Watchdog
timer to automatically reset the chip if it does not recieve a signal from
the host etc.
A periodic signal generated from a host computer prevents the remote
controllers from resetting.  If the signal is not there the remote will

If there is no host computer you could implement a reset instruction using
the watch dog timer by simply jumping to a tight loop that does not clear the
WDT. The net result will be a reset in a few milliseconds.
Hope this helps
Dave Duley
V.P. DreiTek Inc.

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