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Thread: 16bit divide by 10
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David E. Queen wrote: (a few weeks ago)
> I can save 600bytes in a lookup table if I can figure out a good way to
> divide a 16 bit number by 10.


Did you ever code a 16 bit divide by 10 routine? If so what did you end
up with?

Out of curiosity, I wrote a few versions. Here are some approximate cycle
and word counts:

Version 1:  50 cycles 50 words
Version 2:  90 cycles 40 words
Version 3: 136 cycles 14 words

Version 1 is an implementation of the solution I had originally posted.
Version 2 is an implementation of a variation of Andy Warren's solution.
Version 3 is an old-fashioned shift and subtract routine.

The first two versions exist only on paper. The third has been tested over
several, but not all 2^16 possible dividends.

N_hi    equ     0x20
N_lo    equ     0x21

count   equ     0x22

R_hi    equ     0x23
R_lo    equ     0x24

;  Divides the unsigned integer N_hi:N_lo by the constant 10.
;      N_lo - Low byte of  the 16 bit dividend
;      N_hi - High     "                  "
;      R_lo - Low byte of the result
;      R_hi - High    "         "
; 14  words
; 149 cycles


       CLRF    R_lo            ;Only need to clear R_lo. R_hi is cleared by
       MOVLW   13
       MOVWF   count           ;
v3_1    MOVLW   0xa0            ;If the high byte is greater than or equal to
       SUBWF   N_hi,W          ;then this subtraction causes no borrow (i.e.
         MOVWF N_hi            ;Replace N_hi with N_hi - 0xa0 if

       RLF     R_lo,F          ;Shift result left one bit and
       RLF     R_hi,F          ;   pick up the carry bit in the process.
       RLF     N_lo,F          ;Adjust N for the next iteration.
       RLF     N_hi,F
       DECFSZ  count,F
         goto  v3_1

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/method/math.htm?key=divide
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