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Thread: 16bit divide by 10
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>Scott Dattalo wrote:
>> Everyone knows a cat has 9 lives. We have used three
>> on this problem, so there are probably six more solutions
>> lurking out there.
If you're willing to call a 16x16 bit multiply subroutine you
can replace constant division with reciprocal multiplication.
Using C for this example:

typedef unsigned short UINT16;
typedef unsigned long UINT32;

// 16-bit divide by 10 without division.

DivideBy10 (
   UINT16 Dividend
   UINT16 Quotient;
   UINT32 Temp;

   Temp = (UINT32) Dividend;
   Temp = (Temp * 52429) >> 19;
   Quotient = (UINT16) Temp;

   return Quotient;

This technique is used by high-performance compilers since
a multiplication and a shift is almost always faster than
a division.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/method/math.htm?key=divide
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