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Thread: IR laser modem
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You won't, of course, be able to switch the LASER on and off that fast.
I assume you mean you are looking for a liquid-crystal shutter that can
be used to block/ transmit the beam?

What speed do you wish to communicate at?  What (approx.) will be the beam
to me modulated by the LCD shutter?  Just curious, what are you building?


>> the most restrictive, since the potential for eye damage is great.  However,
>> visible lasers are allowed about 10 times as much power.  So the place to
>> start would be with a laser pointer or similar device.
>Do you know of any such devices that can be used for this purpose?
>It has to be possible to switch them on and off repeatedly very fast
>since the only easily usable modulation is (so far as I know)
>amplitude modulation (ie. two states, on and off).

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