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Thread: Free data books
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This year, I just have a few... Nothing like the 60 pounds of books I
gave away last year.

If you want them, let me know in PRIVATE e-mail; I will gleefully
ignore anyone who replies to the list at large.  This means that you
won't get the books if you simply hit your mailreader's "Reply"
button you need to send your request to me at:


Ok... Here's what I have.  They're being given away as a package; I'm
not interested in splitting them up.  They're free, but you pay
shipping (probably only a few dollars in the continental U.S.):

   Microchip Data Book, 1994

   PIC16C6X Data Sheet, 1995 (covers 16C65, 16C64, 16C61)

   PIC14000 Data Sheet, 1995

   2 copies PIC16C7X Data Sheet, 1995 (covers 16C70 aka 16C710,
   16C71, 16C71A aka 16C711, 16C72, 16C73, 16C73A, 16C74,16C74A)

   MPSIM User's Guide, 1995, with Addendum for 16C61, 16C62, 16C62x

   MPASM User's Guide, 1994

   PRO MATE User's Guide, 1994

   A few MPSIM and MPASM Quick-Reference Cards

   Third-Party Guide, 1994/1995

   Third-Party Guide, 1995/1996

The '94 Data Book was the last one that you could actually FIND
anything in, so it's sorta useful even though it doesn't contain
information on the newer PICs.

The 16C6X and 16C7X data books are current, as is the 14000 Data

The MPSIM, MPASM, and PROMATE documentation is a little dated, but


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