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Thread: PortB Interrupt on change?
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Don't know how you missed this in your reading...

PIC16C7X Data Sheet, section 5.2 ("PORTB and TRISB Registers"):

   "Four of PORTB's pins, RB<7:4>, have an interrupt on change
   feature.  Only pins configured as inputs can cause this
   interrupt to occur (i.e., any RB7-RB4 pin configured as an
   output is excluded from the interrupt on change comparison).
   The input pins (of RB7-RB4) are compared with the old value
   latched on the last read of PORTB.  The "mismatch" outputs of
   RB7-RB4 are OR'ed together to generate the RBIF interrupt (flag
   latched in INTCON<0>."


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ints.htm?key=interrupt
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