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Thread: Oscilloscopes???
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>Does any one know how the horizontal retrace (trigger) works on an
>oscilloscope?  If you just use level triggering then how can you stabilize a
>digital signal like this one:
>      ____     ____              ____     ____
>     |    |   |    |            |    |   |    |
>     |    |   |    |            |    |   |    |
>_____|    |___|    |____________|    |___|    |________
>sometimes it would trigger off of the first pulse and sometimes of off the
>second.  This would cause the wave to jump around.  I have used an analog
>scope were this signal is rock solid.  How does it work?
If the signal is data, it'll dance around anyway...
If the signal is repetitive, you should be able to lock to it by
synchronising your cro with the clk2 output of the PIC

my tuppence worth
Ken Parkyn
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