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Thread: EEprom write and read on a 16C84
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>          movlw 0x89      ;yes, EEcon2 address.
>          movwf 04        ;into FSR.
>          movlw 0x55
>          movwf 00
>          movlw 0xAA
>          movwf 00
>          decf  04,1
>          bsf   00,1      ;wr=1.
> Eccomp:  btfsc 00,1      ;writing complete?
>          goto  Eccomp    ;no.

You have too much time between the writes to EEcon2 and EEcon1.  You need
to set bit RP0 and use direct addressing to achieve the correct timing [a
pain, to be sure, but necessary].

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=eeprom
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Subject (change) EEprom write and read on a 16C84

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