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Thread: simple D/A for 500W AC?
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Tom suggested in his post that the wear on the lights from an "ordinary"
dimmer was producing excessive wear (since I don't know the thermal mass/
emissivity (is that the word?) of the lights he's using.  I don't know how
much effective "intertia" they have, but was assuming that if it was a
problem at 120Hz it would also be a problem at 1Hz.

> Of course, higher frequency or DC control will do a better job, but at
> the cost of complexity and (perhaps) noise. Our design did a really nice
> job of controlling higher wattage floodlamps (for us higher wattage: 300
> - 500) in a way that would have worked well on stage. In fact, I assumed
> a similar scheme was being used commercially in some cases, because I
> have seen a similar flicker signature in watching stage lights dimmed to
> dark. You don't notice the flicker if you don't look at the lamps, and
> you don't see it at all in high end controls.

Well, it probably would be easier to keep the RF noise in check if you
limitted switching times (both on and off) to the zero-crossings.  Or if,
as someone suggested, you use an IGBiT and let lights have the "early"
part of the cycle (in which case your turn-on is clean, and your turn-off
can be cleaned up a little with a capacitor if you drive the lights with
full-wave rectified unfiltered DC).

By the way, why the concern about maintaining zero DC offset?  I can think
of a few ways to do this (some very easy) but am not quite clear of the
purpose.  The simplest way I can think of would be something like this:

Ph0:    ds      1
Ph1:    ds      1
Val:    ds      1

       clrf    Ph0
       movlw   $80
       movwf   Ph1
       retlw   0

       movf    Val,w
       addwf   Ph0

       btfss   C
        bcf    Output
       btfsc   C
        bsf    Output
                       ;       Ph0     Ph1     W
       movf    Ph0,w   ;       Ph0     Ph1     Ph0
       xorwf   Ph1,w   ;       Ph0     Ph1     0^1
       xorwf   Ph1     ;       Ph0     Ph0     0^1
       xorwf   Ph0     ;       Ph1     Ph0     0^1

       retlw   0

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