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> Can anyone tell me why my 16c84 is making a buzzing noise. I am a novice
> and this is my first project. It is a very simple gate controller that
> checks 6 inputs to see if the gates are closed. If a gate is open it takes
> that bit high to switch a led on.
> The controller works well but makes an irrataing buzzing/whinning noise.
> Any ideas??
> Thanks in advance.
> Andy Parry
> Durban
> South Africa..

Hi !

Do you use an RC circuit for the oscillator ? Maybe the sound is derived
from a really low oscillator frequency. Check out if this part of the
circuit works properly, try changing the values of the components (or put
a variable resistor in series with the other resistor) and hear if the
sound changes also its frequency.

 Just an idea,


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