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Thread: Microchip MPLAB PICMASTER Software
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    MPLAB, the new Windows 3.1 IDE for the Microchip PICMASTER emulator is
    now available on the Microchip BBS.

    This software includes a windows version of MPASM, the Microchip
    universal assembler, integrated support for MPC, the ByteCraft C
    compiler, and a built in programmer's text editor and project manager.

    This software is in broad beta release to anyone who cares to download
    it from the BBS.  It will be officially released soon, and eventually
    posted on Microchip's WEB site.

    Until then, all the software and full documentation in .PDF format
    (readable by Adobe Acrobat --also available on the BBS) can be

    You may find benefits to using this software even if you do not have a
    PICMASTER emulator.  Writing source code and assembling/compiling are
    highly integrated, letting you double click on lines in the error
    listing to return the offending lines in source code.

    If you are a PICMASTER user, we feel you'll like the new tools. If you
    don't have a PICMASTER but use MPASM or MPC, you'll probably benefit
    with MPLAB.  Please check it out and give us comments on the BBS or

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/languages.htm?key=mplab
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